Customized cabinets do this 8 points, beautiful and practical cost-effective, after reading you know how to install the

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If you do not know how to pick cabinets now, you may want to pay attention to the following details, easy to master the skills of picking cabinets.

1: choose high and low table

Now the high and low table is the choice of many homeowners, a small countertop drop but can greatly solve the daily stooping to wash dishes.

Customized cabinets in advance and measure the size of the master said, to let the dishwashing table frying table between the height of the gap to keep, so that it is more convenient to use.

2: the height of the countertop selection

The height of the countertop is generally based on the height of the owner to decide it, but also in accordance with the height of the elbow to choose. Generally speaking, it is the height of the elbow is reduced by about 10 to 15 centimeters.

3: The height and depth of the status should be well controlled

The height of the floor cabinet is also generally based on the height and use habits to choose, the height of 1.65 meters below the homeowners can determine the height of the hanging cabinet in about 80 centimeters.

4: the depth and height of the hanging cabinet should also be controlled

Hanging cabinet and the distance between the operating surface of the best in about 55 centimeters. So that the use will not produce the problem of knocking. The net depth of the hanging cabinet should also be controlled within 35 centimeters.

5: countertop choice of material diversity

A variety of materials on the market, in general, there are stainless steel quartzite or composite panels understand, but now the most cost-effective or quartzite countertops, the thickness of control in the 20M M or so.

Try not to choose wood countertops, this material in general, the cost is relatively high, and not good care.

6: the choice of hardware materials

The hardware fittings in the cabinet are also relatively important. They determine the service life and comfort of the whole cabinet.

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