Color Matching Tips to Learn in Whole Closet Customization

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The following talk about the overall closet customization in the need to learn the color matching skills

 Many friends in the custom overall closet only focus on price and functionality, often ignoring the color matching of the cabinet, resulting in the design of the overall closet is very difficult to see or with the placement of the place does not match, today I will teach you in the custom cabinet, how to communicate with the designer of the overall closet of the color matching problem.

 1. According to the color of the bedroom environment to match

 The color of the overall closet must be combined with the color of the bedroom, if the front of the bedroom is white, you can choose a similar color scheme with the bedroom floor color as the closet color, you can also choose to match the color of the bed.

 Pay attention to the matching of cold and warm colors, otherwise the closet will be very abrupt and will cause confusion.

 2. According to the bedroom decoration style to match

 There are many styles of overall closet, so when matching different decoration styles, you can match the color, if it refers to the European style, gorgeous decoration, then you can choose light white and dark apple wood closet, if the style is more modern and fashionable, generally use white as the color of the closet.

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