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What kind of wardrobe is best for storing clothes?


If you have personally chosen a wardrobe, you will definitely find that there are countless types of wardrobes, but you don't know which one suits you. Today, I will share with you what kind of wardrobe is best for storing clothes!
After reviewing countless wardrobes on the current market, there are only three types: walk-in, integrated, and split style. Regardless of the type of wardrobe, the cabinets that make up them are basically divided into the following seven structures:
After reading these seven types of cabinet structures, have you found which type of cabinet structure your wardrobe is? I believe you can tell at a glance. After comparing these seven types of cabinets, can you tell which cabinet structure is the ideal storage wardrobe? Put your answer in your heart first, and then see if my analysis makes sense.
As a storage wardrobe, the most ideal cabinet structure is cabinet one in the picture. Why do you say that?
A professional wardrobe organizer will tell you that the most important and simplest principle for wardrobe storage is "hang as much as possible!". Hanging clothes is convenient for both collection and retrieval, and can maintain a good shape without wrinkles. This storage method is both convenient and fast, making it the most ideal way to store clothes for urbanites with a fast-paced lifestyle. So, when you plan the size of your wardrobe based on the bedroom space, you need to plan as many clothes hanging areas as possible when designing your wardrobe.
If your wardrobe has a cabinet structure, congratulations on choosing an ideal storage wardrobe. However, you need to plan the wardrobe storage area well. You can stack the seasonal blankets, clothes, and miscellaneous items in the QURATTA storage box and place them in the storage area above. The lower two floors are both hanging areas, where you can hang all your clothes that need to be hung and put them away as you please.
Is the structure of your cabinet not the same as that of Cabinet One? What should we do then?!
Don't worry, you only need to make slight modifications to the cabinet at home to get an ideal wardrobe. So how to transform it? Please read down slowly.
If your wardrobe has the structure of cabinet body two in the picture, although the drawers are relatively large and inconvenient to collect, as long as you use the QURATTA storage box to organize the clothes in the drawers, it is still an ideal wardrobe, and there is no need to make a big effort to renovate it.
In the structure of cabinet three, it is very reasonable to hang coats and dresses in the middle long clothing area. However, if there are relatively few long clothes, it is recommended to remove the lower layer and move it to the top before installation, and then add a clothes hanging rod below. After such a simple modification, it has become an ideal structure like cabinet one, allowing you to hang more clothes.
Cabinet 4 often appears in some relatively high-end wardrobes, and the Duobao grid and pants rack inside look very tall and stylish. However, after using them, you will find that the efficiency of using Duobao grid and pants rack is very low. They take up a lot of space but have very few things to place, and these two configurations are actually very disappointing. If you want to hang more clothes in the wardrobe, it is recommended to remove these two items and modify them to look like cabinet one.
Cabinet 5 is a common cabinet structure among many wardrobes, with a row of stacked areas arranged vertically. This stacking area can accommodate a lot of clothes, but when you neatly arrange the folded clothes, it can be very painful to pick up a piece of clothing from it. You know from using a wardrobe like this that the newly organized one was soon rummaged through, making you feel annoyed.
Professional wardrobe organizers do not recommend such stacking areas. In fact, the transformation of this cabinet structure is also very simple. As shown in the above picture, remove two of the partitions and install two clothes hanging rods. This row of stacked clothes areas becomes two clothes hanging areas.
A special reminder to you, when renovating your wardrobe, do not try to make the space in the wardrobe larger and dismantle the vertical panel in the middle. Because in the cabinet design, this vertical plate serves a load-bearing function, so do not remove it. More importantly, keeping this vertical version will not affect your hanging capacity.
As a common stacked cabinet, the transformation concept of Cabinet 6 is the same as Cabinet 5. As shown in the above figure, remove all four layer boards below, and then add a layer board in the middle position. Install a clothes hanging rod under each of the two layer boards. Just divide it into two and transform it into a cabinet structure, giving you an ideal wardrobe.
Cabinet 7 is the same as Cabinet 4, equipped with drawers (some are Duobao Ge) and pants racks, but only half the size. When analyzing cabinet four, it was already mentioned that this type of configuration is not practical. So, when you are renovating such cabinets, it is still important to follow a common approach of increasing the number of hanging areas.
You can remove the drawers and pant racks, and then install a clothes rack under the partition. After such a simple modification, you will have an additional hanging area. If you don't have long clothes to hang, you can add a clothes pole on the lower left side, which is flush with the clothes pole on the lower right side. This way, the entire wardrobe is divided into two clothes hanging areas, one above and one below, just like the cabinet.
Through the analysis and renovation of the above cabinets, have you found that the basic principle is to follow the principle of "hanging as much as possible what can be hung", and to increase the hanging area of the wardrobe. Moreover, they are all being transformed towards the structural direction of cabinet one. When you actually use a wardrobe with such a cabinet structure, you will find that a useful wardrobe is so simple and does not require so many flashy configurations.
When you are preparing to renovate your home wardrobe, be sure to pay attention to the size of the cabinet, and based on the experience of a professional wardrobe organizer:
Generally, the width of each cabinet can be planned between 80-90 centimeters;
Short clothing area (half body clothing): The height can be planned between 93-95 centimeters;
Pant area and skirt area: The height should also be planned between 93-95 centimeters;
Long clothing area (above knee length): generally planned between 115-120 centimeters;
Long clothing area (clothing length up to the ankle): generally planned to be around 150 centimeters;
The height of the storage area is generally 40 centimeters.
Special reminder for you who are preparing to renovate your wardrobe:
1. It is recommended not to remove the layer board in the top storage area, as it can provide load-bearing function.
2. Whether the cabinet can be modified depends on the above dimensions and the actual situation.
3. A regular wardrobe will limit the pants and skirt area to around 75-85 centimeters, so that only pants and skirts can be hung. However, if you want to hang a top, there may be too little space, causing the hem of the clothes to curl up.


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