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360° Swivel Clothes Rack

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360° Swivel Clothes Rack

Our furniture products are based on high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, and are committed to creating comfortable, stylish and functional home spaces for customers. Whether it is a sofa, bed, dining table or chair, we pay attention to the design details, the pursuit of simple and yet individual style. Each product has undergone strict quality inspection to ensure its durability and stability. Our furniture can not only meet the practical needs, but also enhance the overall decorative effect, so that your home is full of warmth and beauty.

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Our products are usually made of stainless steel, solid wood (wood incense board, solid wood particle board, MDF), tempered glass and hardware accessories. Generally, cabinet body, door panel, mute wheel and door curtain are used as components, with built-in clothes hanging rod, trouser rack, basket, disinfection lamps and other accessories. Punching, assembly, riveting, welding and other processes are adopted, it has the functions of flame retardant, rat-proof, seamless cockroach-proof, dust-proof, mothproof, moisture-proof, clean and beautiful, convenient movement, etc. It has large-capacity intelligent disinfection wardrobe, non-power glass cabinet, stainless steel wardrobe, ultraviolet disinfection and cleaning wardrobe, moisture-proof multifunctional wardrobe, men's and women's wardrobe, dry cockroach-proof wardrobe, folding wardrobe and simple wardrobe. The common ones are flat doors, sliding doors inside and outside the cabinet, etc. The plates used in wardrobe cabinets are generally stainless steel, metal, wood, etc., which are one of the commonly used furniture in the family.

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